May 9 2021 ~ God's Message To Mothers

It is a command that is well over 3000 years old. And it is just as relevant for us today as it ever was. We've looked at this Biblical command, over the past many years, at least twice a year. The command is right there in the 10 commandments: Honor your father and your mother...". Every year we look at it on Mother's Day, and then again on Father's day. This Sunday, however, we aren't going to focus so much on how to honor our mothers; rather, we will focus on what God's message to mothers is, so that mothers can better understand the honor that God places on them. My prayer is that all mothers here this morning will be encourage and honored by God's word to them. The Scripture reading is Proverbs 31:26-31.

Our recordings at this time will be including the entire service. This is to ensure everyone can be a part of the service while restrictions on gathering continue to tighten.