November 28 2021 ~ Responding To The Holy Spirit's Coming

Last Sunday, as we looked at the much awaited coming of the Holy Spirit recorded in Acts 2:1-36, we saw just a remarkable event that changed Jesus disciples, and amazed and bewildered those who observed. They heard the sound, and then they heard the disciples speaking in foreign languages that they had never learned, speaking about the mighty works of God. And then they heard Peter explain what it was, and how it was consistent with what the Scriptures foretold, and how it is all about Jesus, the Messiah. The rest of Acts 2 tells us how the crowd responded to all of that - the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the preaching of God's Word. And that response of the people gives us some teaching on how everyone should respond to the Holy Spirit's coming. The Scripture reading is Acts 2:37-47.